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My Fair Tickets gives you all of the equipment you need to start scanning tickets including setting up the scanners (iPhones) as well as configuring internet access. Please see below for a list of equipment.

Internet & WiFi

Verizon Logo

Verizon Wireless

My Fair Tickets uses Verizon Wireless’ 5G Ultra Wideband internet with Priority Data to ensure the scanners are hooked up to the internet.

Starlink Logo


My Fair Tickets uses a Starlink satellite as a backup option in case anything should happen to the internet. The Starlink satellite backup does come with an additional cost.

Ticket Scanners

iPhone logo

Apple iPhone

My Fair Tickets uses Apple iPhone’s for the ticket scanners. Just open up the My Fair Tickets app and start scanning!

My Fair Tickets App

My Fair Tickets Scanning App

My Fair Tickets has created an iSO app where you can open the camera on the app and start scanning tickets.

IBM logo


My Fair Tickets partners with IBM for their mobile infrastructure to rapidly deploy updates and implement endpoint security to all scanners.

Square logo

Point Of Sale

Does your fair need a Point of Sale system? My Fair Tickets uses Square in conjunction with the iPhone to have a handheld Point of Sale system with a credit card reader.

iPhone charging

iPhone Charging

My Fair Tickets supplies multiple ways of charging the Apple iPhones including charging cables and charging stations.

Otterbox Logo

iPhone Protection

My Fair Tickets wants to ensure that the iPhone scanners are always protected. We use OtterBox cases to provide the most protection in addition to a lanyard attached to the case.


Training Manual

My Fair Tickets supplies a Training Manual on how to operate the iPhone as well as how to navigate and use the My Fair Tickets app.

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